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About 8 hours


 Highest rappel: 25 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 Technical Experience: Not required

 What you need to bring: change of clothes, change of shoes, running/hiking shoes used in canyoning (will get wet)

 Requirements: dont suffer from vertigo (dizziness), be able to swim


Su Fossu Malu is located in the forest property of Alà dei Sardi, the canyon is characterized by the splendid granites that dominate the whole massif around us. In the river there are 6 abseils of which the most spectacular is certainly the final 25 meters.
The most suitable period to tackle the canyon normally runs from November to May (but it clearly depends on how much rainfall there was during the period).
Progression: C6 - S6 (Deep tank dive) - C10 - C20 - C8 - C25 - C4 (single anchor!)
Approach from Monti:
From the built-up area of ​​Monti take the SS389 towards Alà dei Sardi and turn at the crossroads of Badde Suelzu (
Reach the town and continue along the dirt road (a 4x4 is required) until you reach a crossroads where you need to keep right (
After a few minutes you will reach another crossroads where you will turn left leaving the main road (
If you have managed to get here with normal cars and not 4x4s, you must park the car before a steep climb that leads to the Su Fossu Malu sheepfold (
He reaches the sheepfold on foot or by car, the starting point of the path that reaches the start of the canyong (
From the fold it is necessary to identify an old road of penetration keeping first the south-west direction and then the south. Go up staying at high altitude following a good path and men along the way. In about 50 minutes you reach the start of the canyon (
Let's go canyoning!