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About 6 hours


 Highest rappel: 23 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 What you need to bring: change of clothes, change of shoes, running/hiking shoes used in canyoning (will get wet)

 Requirements: dont suffer from vertigo (dizziness), be able to swim

 Price: With a minimum group of 4 participants, 70 € per person, including the technical equipment


Rio S'Unchinu is a stream that crosses the southern slopes of Mount Limbara. This massif is the most important granite relief of Northern Sardinia, its summit is called Punta Balistreri (1359 slm) in honor of the cobbler-lived in Tempio. Around us dominates the typical Mediterranean vegetation where by now the holm oaks always remain a minority compared to the cork and strawberry trees. The scrub is studded and surmounted by imposing granites, tafoni and peaks sculpted by water and wind, taking on forms of unique beauty.

These wild woods are the home of the Golden Eagle, of the rare Bonelli's Eagle, martens and foxes, deer and fallow deer. Rio S'Unchinu is fascinating precisely because surrounded by this rocky environment of pure and ancient beauty, these represent the final part of Rio S'Abba and S'Alinu and of Rio Sa Miria.


From the town of Berchidda we follow the SP138 and we turn into the small road that leads to the Church of Santa Caterina e Sant'Andrea (40.784973, 9.182458). After 200 meters we turn left and take a small dirt road that leads in about 2 km to a concrete bridge. We cross it and park in the small square under a holm oak (google maps). 

Once the car has been parked we proceed along the panoramic path through a red gate that must be closed again. After 300 meters we jump over a low wall and continue along a road that leads uphill through beautiful cork oaks until we reach a plateau with an olive tree (700 meters). We hold a Mandra (stone fence) as a reference point and continue through a stone wall.

After a kilometer or so, we are not fooled by a slight track that goes to the right, we continue downhill to the left and then intercept a dirt road to the right that makes us gain altitude with steep hairpin bends.  We go back up the road and reach a path marked by a little man who turns left passing between a holm oak and a juniper. This track is clearly visible and leads us to intercept another path that, on the right, leads us to the first jump of S'Unchinu.

Once finished the last jump we continue along the riverbed until we see a little man indicating the point of displacement. We then reach a drywall with a net, climb over it and pass the field until we reach a gate that leads us to the road where we parked the cars.


C5 - between two boulders to be made under the waterfall, then a basin of 8 m low water.
C10 - equipped ramp on the right bank avoidable
C4 - plungable deep arm bowl on the left bank
C4 - under waterfall on the left bank
C6 - rig in the left bank or C10 in the cave
C7 - right bank in the puddle
C14 - slippery right bank
C5 - on the right bank
C23 - inside cave on the right side arrival in the diving pond, or C25 on the left bank lowered into the canal arrival in the diving pond
C20 - (articulated descent on ridges)
C10 - on oblique rock left bank
C10 - arrival in the left bank pool