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from 9:30 to 17:00


 Highest rappel: 12 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 Technical Experience: none

 What you need to bring: backpack, water 1.5 liters, hiking shoes, appropriate season clothing, sunglasses, sun cream, packed lunch

 Requirements: Don’t suffer from vertigo (dizziness)

 Price: With a minimum group of 4 participants, 50 € per person, including the technical equipment


Badde Doronè is a canyon located in the Supramonte of Oliena precisely in the beautiful Lanaitto Valley (Lanaitho or Lanaittu). In Sardinian language the word 'Badde' translates as 'valley'. The gorge is characterized by the wild landscape where limestone dominates adorned with juniperswild olive trees and giant oaks. Doronè is a canyon suitable for those who wants for the first time discover the picturesque landscape of Supramonte by joining the hiking aspect to the mountaineering. The rappels are all of easy progression, will be 4 in total with the higher measuring 12 meters. Outgoing from the canyon we can visit the cave (with easy and suitable access to all) known as 'Abyss of Tiscali'. It’s becames famous for the ray of sunlight that penetrates the darkness from a hole in the vault.

To reach the canyon of Badde Doronè we must take the road that from Su Gologone reachs Lanaitho; crossed the whole valley towards Tiscali. We’ll park the car near the clearing where the path leading to the post Nuragic Village starts (the famous Village of Tiscali). To reach the starting point of the canyon we’ll walk 3 kilometers on foot with a difference in altitude of 350 meters. During this spectacular trek we’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a full overview of the whole Lanaitho Valley, observing Badde Pentumas gorge (another amazing canyon), the Monte Tiscali, Punta Cusidore and Monte Omene.

Badde Doronè begins immediately with a rappel of 12 meters that leads to the actual canyon bed where towering oaks live sinking their roots by centuries. After a few meters we come to the second rappel of 10 meters where the gorge is narrow, width is a few meters. Here we have the feeling of entering in a place with a magical and wild atmosphere! We’ll continue our adventure in the canyon and came to the most spectacular rappel of 12 meters, this descent seems to lead us in the heart of the earth. Immediately after a simple rappel of 7 meters we’ll reach the bottom of Badde Doronè where the rocky walls recede and the valley opens.

After 15 minutes of trekking we’ll reach the mouth of the cave called ‘Abyss of Tiscali'. Our day is going to give us another emotion! We can wear the headlights and discover one of the most famous caves of Sardinia. A small tunnel that has been created artificially (length of 20  meters) leads us to the larger cave. A huge atrium from which it penetrates the sunlight from an hole illuminating the cave slightly.

Once out of the Abyss of Tiscali we’ll take having two options: the first is to take a soft trek on a good trail that lead us back to the car and the second is to follow the bad of the canyon facing 3 small rappels (5, 4, 7 meters) and watching small natural pools. At this point we have almost completed our ring trail that will bring us back to the car park.

Canyoning in Badde Doronè is a complete and wonderful adventure that includes trekkingropes and even a bit of speleology! This is another unmissable place for those who really wants to discover Sardinia!