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6 hours without shuttle - 3 hours with shuttle


 Highest rappel: 20 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 Technical Experience: none

 What you need to bring: backpack, water 1.5 liters, hiking shoes, appropriate season clothing, sunglasses, sun cream, packed lunch

 Requirements: Don’t suffer from vertigo (dizziness)

Codula Fuili is a deep gorge located in the Supramonte of Dorgali. Now this area is known with the turistic name of Ogliastra. Although the canyon is dry it gives an absolutely unique and wild landscapes; this makes the Codula Fuili a must for all ‘canyonisti’ at early experience and not. The trip includes four abseils, with highest of 20 meters. All the rappels are always not exposed (feet are lean against the rocky wall).

There are two ways to face Codula Fuili: the first is with a shuttle car the limits the day at only canyoning (time required: 3 hours); second way is to combine a spectacular trek that from the beach of Cala Fuili goes back, heading ‘Cuccurru Su  Corvu’ since the starting point of the canyon. But what is 'Cuccurru On Corvu'? This is a mountainous relief (506 meters) overlooking the Codula. Name ‘Cuccurru’ derives from the greek, specifically the participle of χόω (KOO) verb is χούκουρον. Kùkuron is translatable in high place, top, high ground: the Mountain of the Raven (Corvu).

The approaching trekking has a length of 2.8 km and faces 300 meters of difference in altitude. The path always has a wonderful overview on the Gulf of Orosei and offers the opportunity to visit the beautifully restored old shepherds house called ‘Cuile Toddeitto’ (Cuile is the shepherd/goatherd house). By trekking for about 1 hour we’ll reach the starting point of the canyon.

We’ll begin to walk on the bed of the stream until, climbing down in some easy parts, we’ll arrive at the first rappel. Here we’ll lose any mobile phone signal. We’ll wear our harness and helmet ready to prepare the first rappel: 4 meters of abseil leads us to a small terrace from which we’ll have another small rappel of 4 meters (is possible to connect them with a rappel of 18 meters). We’ll begin to move inside the canyon that has become ever more savage: the high walls are getting closer and closer hiding the direct light of the sun and lowering the temperature of a few degrees. Codula (Sardinian word that identifies the gorge, canyon, ravine) remains unexplored until a few years ago. Large oakscarob trees and vast ivy plants covering the rocky walls dominate the landscape.

When we get the second and highest rappel, canyon will be narrow with a width of few meters. Here we’ll face an adrenaline rappel of 20 meters, which allow us to reach the most spectacular part of the canyon: a large dark cave where the sunlight can’t filters. After a few steps we come immediately to the last rappel of 18 meters that leads us to the exit of Codula. We’ll pass under an evocative rocky lintel. Slowly in front of us sunlight takes intensity. Then we’ll walk on a spectacular forest of oleanders that during flowering (June-October) will fill Codula of scents and colors. After walking for about 30 minutes we’ll reach the beach of Cala Sisine.

Once at the beach we’ll meet a lot of people equipped with backpacks and ropes because all the walls that dominate the gorge are equipped for climbing. Despite Codula Fuili is a dry canyoning and suitable for beginners, it’s an excursion not to be missed for lovers of wild nature, Canyoning, Sardinia and even sea: we have said all!