Canyoning in Badde Pentumas




from 9:00 to 18:00


 Highest rappel: 25 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 Technical Experience: experience with harness/ropes

 What you need to bring: backpack, water 2 liters, hiking shoes, appropriate season clothing, sunglasses, sun cream, packed lunch

 Requirements: Don’t suffer from vertigo (dizziness)

 Price: With a minimum group of 4 participants, 55 € per person, including the technical equipment


Badde Pentumas is a dry canyon located in one of the most spectacular and wild angles of the Supramonte of Oliena, precisely in the Sovana Valley north of Lanaitho Valley. Canyoning is characterized by 12 rappels; sequence is: (3+ 25 +6 +25 +10 +9 +10 +17 +20 +10 +20 + 12). The numerous abseiling (some with starting not simple) determine a total length never less than 7 hours.

To reach the Pentumas gorge is not easy, we have to face an hiking on well-trodden trail of medium difficulty (5.2 kilometers by 600 meters in altitude). Hiking starts from the steep walls of the northern part of Lanaitho Valley allowing us to enjoy a wonderful view of the whole zone and on the background we'll glad to observe the blue sea! The approach path starts not far from the refuge 'Sa Oche and Su Bentu' passing very close to the Nuragic Village 'Sa Sedda 'e Sos Carros'. We start the ascent and in about an hour and a half we'll reach the slopes of Monte Ortini (708 meters). Along the way we will always have an exciting prospect of all Lanaitho. During the trekking we will meet a lot of old houses build by goatherd (Cuiles) that once settled the time of an agro-pastoral life: Cuile Sa Vicu, Cuile S'Ucradu and at the top the Cuile Orthini that still is used to meal and mountain bivouacs.

Cuile Orthini is the highest part of our trail, from here quickly we'll go down to the wild valley of Sa Sovana, where we can still find the ruins of an old village. There is an old legend about a treasure hidden in the valley ... people from Oliena, knowing the imminent arrival of the Saracens pirates, they hid jewels and gold in two bronze bells, then buried them in the middle of three majestic oaks! Leaving the legend to our goatherds we'll be fascinated by the spectacular valley that gives us an unforgettable scene. Around us Punta Cusidore (1,147 meters) and Punta Sos Nidos (1,348 meters) dominate the background! we are in the heart of the Supramonte of Oliena.

To reach the starting point of the canyon we have to travel through Sa Sovana. We'll walk among huge live oaks that lead us on the way to a narrow passage close to the first abseil. This part of the valley is called 'Su Boccaportu', the origin of this name is still unknown! In front of us we'll have a spectacular panorama: the deep gorge of Pentumas cleaves like a knife the white limestone of the Supramonte. It's an unforgettable view! The obscure name of Pentumas originates perhaps from the pre-Roman suffix -uma and the Latin 'pendere'.

These indicates a gorge, ravine, canyon inaccessible; by Pentumas word is born 'ispentumare' verb to mean scatter and also make something go wrong (even humans and animals). Therefore 'Pentùma' is also the action of throwing a person into the precipice in order to get rid of the body

The first abseil of 25 meters brings us to the heart of the gorge! We'll face 12 rappels moving between deep cliffs, giant oaks in a unique and unforgettable environment! Canyoning Badde Pentumas is another top canyon in our Supramonte!



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