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About 6 hours


 Highest rappel: 20 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 Technical Experience: Not required

 What you need to bring: change of clothes, change of shoes, running/hiking shoes used in canyoning (will get wet)

 Requirements: dont suffer from vertigo (dizziness), be able to swim

 Price: With a minimum group of 4 participants, 60 € per person, including the technical equipment


Badde S'Achile 'e S'Orcu is one of the most recent discovery in Sardinia. It’s situated in a large valley (Baddhe in Logudorese) close to the hamlet of Sant'Anna. The small town is a part of the territory of Lodé. Lands are characterized by the majestic environment in which dominates the massife of ​​Montalbo. This large mountain area, which extends from Siniscola to Lula, is the background of a wild and pristine canyon of  S'Achile and S'Orcu (Eagle and Ogre).

The Canyon can be reached from Siniscola via the very panoramic road (SP3) which shortly runs along Montalbo and reaches the intersection of the hamlet of Sant'Anna (40.584538, 9.629580). We must now take an seconday road between the SP3 and the SP50 (40.584551, 9.629207) which in 5.7 kilometers leads us to the parking lot (40.576664, 9.591020). From here we will reach the beginning of the canyon in a few minutes.

Once dived into the heart of the river in a few moments we reach the first rappel (C5) with a small waterfall above a beautiful emerald pool. Immediately we find the second rappel (C6) with a waterfall ideal also for a dive. Shortly we’ll came close to a beautiful Toboga created by the gently flow of the water. We are now close to the fourth rappel (C18) in which a big rock is embedded in the bed of the creek.

The next rappel (C15) is inside a crack in which the Rio flow elegantly. We are ready for the wonderful panorama and the most impressive descent (C20) that takes us to the heart of the Ogre's house ... a large grotto where the water infiltrates creating a unique and fairy-tale show. Now the river continues its flowing to give us another beautiful jump (C15) that takes us to a natural swimming pool where we have the latest rappel (C12) bringing us to the end of the canyon.

From here (40.574949, 9.583728) we’ll take a short 30-minute hike along a straight path. The trail heads to east and then northeast reaching again the interpoderal road close to the car (40.576767, 9.587089).