Canyoning in Codula Orbisi




from 9:00 to 17:00


 Highest rappel: 35 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 Technical Experience: experience with harness/ropes

 What you need to bring: backpack, water 2 liters, hiking shoes, appropriate season clothing, sunglasses, sun cream, packed lunch

 Requirements: Don’t suffer from vertigo (dizziness)


Codula Orbisi is a deep karst canyon located between the Supramonte of Orgosolo and Urzulei in the wild heart of Sardinia. The Supramonte is a vast karstic plateau that dominates the central-eastern part of the island and it is characterized by the harshness and beauty of its orography. Supramonte was born in paleozoic age these extends from the mountains of Oliena (Monte Corrasi) and Orgosolo (Monte Sa Pruna) until reaching the sea (called Ogliastra) in the municipalities of Baunei (Santa Maria Navarrese) and Dorgali (Cala Gonone).


Orbisi is a magical place and for many it appears to be the most aesthetically beautiful canyon in Sardinia. To reach the Codula Orbisi (starting from Dorgali) you have to continue along the SS125 turning then right near Genna Croce (see on gmaps). From here follow the long dirt road that leads to Campu Oddeu, crosses Campos Bargois and reaches Sedda Ar Baccas with the homonymous sheepfold (see on gmaps). Depending on the season and the presence of water, it is advisable to evaluate which type of wetsuits (heavy or light). The hanging pools are perennial and cold throughout the year.

 Codula Orbisi

When you get to Sedda Ar Baccas you meet two sheepfolds and you park under big oaks. From here in a few minutes you reach the heart of the Codula by starting the progression in the bed of the canyon between white limestone boulders. After about 25 minutes the 'inforramento' (italian word: canyon start to be deeper) begins with short descents and then start a series of rappels that lead to the important and spectacular vertical on Pischina Urtaddala (35 meters).

After the exciting descent into the void the codula opens up, intersecting the first point of 'sforramento' (place in which you can leave the canyon easly) taking the path that leads back to Sedda Ar Baccas.

We continue our progression climbing down and rappelling on hanging pools until we'll reach the obligatory rappels with cableway that announces the spectacular vertical on the Black Lake: a karst fissure full of icy water (duly arranging it is possible to cross it with a small inflatable boat). At the end of the descent the Codula offers us two possible progressions: the first is a small ascent on a well with a consequent rappel of 25 meters, the second (much more spectacular if the aquatic conditions allow it) implies the passage in the Cave of the Colombi enjoying a Karst environment halfway between the cave and the canyon, recalling the last stretch of the famous Donini cave.

We'll exit with a descent of 18 meters from the Cave of the Colombi reaching a widening that allows a steep climb that connects the Codula to the now good path connecting Sa Giuntura (confluence between Flumineddu and Orbisi) with Sedda Ar Baccas.

The ascent along this path offers a breathtaking view of the Flumineddu valley going to identify the exit of the Donini cave (Su Cunnu and S'Ebba) and in the background the large vertical walls that hide on Gorroppu. Will be see many large oaks and Junipers on our path but above all we will be astonished at a thousand-year Yew that seems to be the mythological tree of life. Do Canyoning in Codula Orbisi means diving (not only with imagination!) in one of the most magical gorges of Sardinia ... what to say?



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