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If you have any questions or you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us! You can do it by sending an email, by phone or, if you prefer, by Whatsapp on mobile!

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from 9:00 to 18:00


 Highest rappel: 50 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 Technical Experience: experience with harness/ropes

 What you need to bring: backpack, water 1.5 liters, hiking shoes, appropriate season clothing, sunglasses, sun cream, packed lunch

 Requirements: Don’t suffer from vertigo (dizziness)


Biriala is a wonderful beach nestled between the towering cliffs of the Supramonte Marino, the hike that we propose reaches the ‘Cala’ by a path that combines trekking and canyoning. The area is located in the town of Baunei, from here we’ll move by car until reaching the famous locality known as 'Golgo’. Golgo is a limestone plateau that can be considered the 'Door' of Ogliastra (another name of Supramonte Marino) because right here it’s the starting place of the most famous trekking routes that often intercept the path of the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue Trek).

In this unique and spectacular scenery we begin our trek leaving the road that leads to Cala Sisine reaching Ololbitzi. Here we’ll intercept a dirt road that gradually fades leading us in the heart of the wild Mediterranean bush. Around us high limestone walls dominate and with the help of towering oaks and junipers both make the Supramonte a real labyrinth. This harsh and magical landscape will accompany us for about two kilometers until we reach ‘Ovile Piddi’ (goatherd house made with juniper), here two huge vertical walls create something like a secret passage. This place is called 'Sa Nurca' (a term derived from ‘Nurra’ so a 'pile of stones') and offers us a wonderful panorama of the Gulf of Orosei.

From 'Sa Nurca' we’ll proceed towards Biriala where we’ll face two easy rappels (abseiling) that lead us to admire a vast coastal forest called ‘Saltu Mannu' (Big Jump). Descended we remain along the coast at the southern end of the forest marching eastward towards Cala Biriala. The view of the Gulf of Orosei and the beach is spectacular !. Now we just have to face the final rappel: a vertical of 50 metersAdrenaline and magic are now one and the same.

Once we descended on the beach we can stop for lunch enjoying those spectacular cliffs, Biriala is one of the pearls of the Gulf of Orosei, it’s characterized by limestone white sand and a small rocky bow on the sea along its southern end. We’ll take the trail that leads back to the car from the bow and through the woods of Biriala. Even the return trek is spectacular and embellished with some passages marked by a spectacular 'Scale ‘e Fustes'. Those are rudimentary stairs created by mountaineers shepherds of Supramonte to reach their animals; often they were forced to face acrobatic passages.

Those artwork were made of juniper wood, they give testimony of the agro-pastoral culture that still remains. Cala Biriala is a day trip that mix hiking and canyoning in a unique place: irreplaceable!.