Canyoning Sa Spendula




About 6 hours


 Highest rappel: 25 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 What you need to bring: change of clothes, change of shoes, running/hiking shoes used in canyoning (will get wet)

 Requirements: dont suffer from vertigo (dizziness), be able to swim

 Price: With a minimum group of 4 participants, 70 € per person, including the technical equipment


With the name 'Sa Spendula' (toponym deriving from the Latin ex + pendere, meaning 'burrone') we identify the waterfalls located in the countryside of Villacidro; these are the terminating part of the Coxinas river, a river that takes water from the great Linas massif. Speaking of south-west Sardinia, it's hard to believe about an area so rich of water and canyons. In addition to Sa Spendula we find Irgas canyon and the smaller Murumannu (big wall). Normally the water does not struggle to stay until late May, but it loses its flow from June onwards. To fully enjoy the itinerary it is recommended to use the shuttle in the way to make approaching and immediate exit extremely simple.


To position the shuttle we park the first cars not far from the town of Villacidro near the Spendula 2.0 bar (Google Maps). The bar, which coincides exactly with the exit point from the canyon, is not always open during the day but is usually open during the evening. From the parking lot we take Via Sa Spendula towards Villacidro, turn right into Via Pineta and immediately turn right to reach the panoramic point of the repeaters (Google Maps). Once the car is parked, we follow the wide path that moves westwards following an old mule track for 700 meters and then intersecting for 200 meters a path that leads us to the river.


The first part of the Rio Coxinas is mostly horizontal, characterized by small slides and pools; for this reason many prefer to enter the gorge with a shorter approach by avoiding two C7 and C5 descents on small waterfalls. The most interesting part (from the torrential point of view) begins with a 3-meter dive and a small toboggan. From here we face a C4 with a waterfall that leads to the part of the canyon where it is necessary to go out of the bed using the orographic left bank. Once back in the river we have to face the most beautiful part of the descent; this is characterized by a succession of three beautiful waterfalls C15, C10, C25.

The first C15 descent is on taproots resinated on the left bank and ends in a large flooded muffler that overlooks C10, which is on the left bank. This always ends in a muffler that overlooks the spectacular C25, this time on the DX bank. Once the rappels is over we briefly follow the river and in 150 meters we reach the large parking lot of the Bar Sa Spendula 2.0 where we left the cars.



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