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About 8 hours


 Highest rappel: 30 meters

 Technical Equipment: provided by us

 What you need to bring: change of clothes, change of shoes, running/hiking shoes used in canyoning (will get wet)

 Requirements: dont suffer from vertigo (dizziness), be able to swim

 Price: With a minimum group of 5 participants, 70 € per person, including the technical equipment

Bacu Padente (Sardinian term used to identify a forest or a wood) is a deep limestone canyon that starts from the heart of Ogliastra, in the Golgo plateau, and reaches the emerald sea of ​​the Gulf of Orosei.

From the Piana del Golgo, take the large dirt road that goes around the small rural church of San Pietro and which leads, in about 20 minutes, to the locality of Ololbissi. From the same area where the path leading to Cala Biriala begins, the path leading to Bacu Padente starts.

Once the descent towards the sea has begun, we quickly reach the beginning of the canyon. Here, instead of going further, we remain on the orographic right and walk along the limestone walls that gradually become more and more impressive. The cliffs shrink more and more until they take us to the final part that forces us to tackle three abseils of 30, 20 and 30 meters in that order.

The panorama around us is certainly suggestive: we look out over the coast famous for its emerald sea, its cliffs and its coves surrounded by a rugged and wild territory. With the last jump of 30 meters we reach the heart of Bacu Padente and we prepare for the very exciting crossing of a cave that allows us to emerge and overlook the sea.

From here there are three small abseils of 10 meters each that take us to the last and spectacular jump. During the descent we will cross the path of the Selvaggio Blu: a five-day trek that has now reached world fame and allows you to cross the entire Gulf of Orosei sleeping in a sheepfold and in spectacular bivouacs.

Returning to our last descent, it will be possible to choose between two weapons. The first is a large easily identifiable juniper, the second a rig on a rocky wall. The first will lead directly to the cliff (being very careful to finish the descent on the first rocky ledge and not go down too far), the second will lead to a small cave very close to the sea. Both abseils are very suggestive.

Once the descent is complete we will head north and then go up the orographic left of Bacu Padente. We will go again to intersect the path of the Selvaggio Blu and during the ascent we will enjoy a wonderful view of the first three abseils we faced at the beginning of our route.